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Farmer to You,

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farmers 360° link combines traceable produce from farmers all over the world with digital technology, connecting buyers and producers, and providing a new ethical consumption experience.

We are staring from cotton products

The cotton uses blockchain technology, not only proving its origin, but also visualizing the environmental and social impact of the production of the raw materials of the products in hand. Furthermore, through our platform, purchasers can directly support the people in Africa who produced the cotton for their clothes, and we will deliver the smiles that are born in African villages thanks to the support of purchasers.

farmers 360° link offers apparel products that enable the above services through OEM. Please feel free to inquire about any other desired forms of provision.



Sourcing Certified, Environmentally and Socially Responsible Cotton from Small-scale African Farmers to Support their Livelihoods

We contract with small-scale farmers in Africa and use only cotton that has been carefully hand-picked using environmentally conscious farming methods.
he farmers who produce and harvest by hand, unlike large-scale farmers, do not destroy the environment. However, eco-friendly farming methods have low productivity, and farmers face problems such as low income and poverty. farmers 360° link aim to develop farmers by supporting these environmentally friendly farming methods, giving new value to cotton, and returning a portion of our sales to the farmers.


Real-time traceability through Blockchain,
where the face of the producer can be seen

We manage information on blockchain, such as production contracts for each individual farm, agricultural materials invested like seeds and pesticides, farming methods, harvest yields, and subsequent processing routes and dates. This has enabled us to achieve highly transparent traceability where even the faces of the producers can be seen.
Furthermore, we do not stop at just certifying the place of origin. We visualize the environmental and social impact of the production of the raw materials of the products in hand.


Beyond Conventional Traceability:
An Experience Where Producer and Buyer Connect Bidirectionally, Making 'Visible Support' Possible

When purchasing clothing, consumers can check the producers of the raw material cotton on the app, and the producers are also notified of the product purchase, etc., providing a service that allows both parties to "LINK" in both directions. In addition, a portion of the purchase price is returned to the development of the producer and its community, and there is also a system in place for consumers to watch this process. Depending on the sales volume, they initiate various programs on-site such as providing electricity to the production area and creating water supply points, and purchasers can find out about these activities, so they can experience working together with producers in village and town development.


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farmers 360° link is a brand that offers eco-friendly African cotton, handcrafted and provided in OEM format.
Combining traceable productions with digital technology, we create a new ethical consumption experience that connects buyers and producers.
For more details about our services or for document requests, please feel free to contact us via email below.

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